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       The sales manager:College degree or above, aged 22 to 30, toll: 10 people, instruments and meters, electronic technology, automation, mechanical and electrical integration, measurement technology, computer or related major.Teamwork spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard work, good at communication, have a certain strain capacity, always willing to learn new knowledge.Have certain customer resources and related sales experience is preferred.Job duties: responsible for the company's products of publicity and promotion;According to the marketing plan, finish the sales target;Open up new markets, develop new customers, expand the scope of product sales;Responsible for market information collection jurisdiction and competitor analysis;Manage customer relationship maintenance and customer long-term strategic cooperation plan between.

      Hardware and software development engineers:Job responsibilities: 1, responsible for equipment, production testing equipment research and development, including components selection, function setting, etc.;2, be responsible for the prototype test for test equipment, test production;3, responsible for product production, sales, technical support work;4, write related technical documentation, including product design document, user manual, etc.Job requirements: 1, college or above major in mechanical and electrical integration or self-control;English proficiency;2, 2 years or above related working experience in design;3, proficient in precision instrument, measuring, electronic engineering, automation control knowledge;Knowledge of a variety of devices;Be familiar with Pro - E, Auto CAD and other related technology software and office software;4, serious and responsible work, careful meticulous, has the good team spirit and communication skills.

      The telephone marketing specialist: good mandarin, good communication skills.Instruments and meters, electronic technology, automation, mechanical and electrical integration, best measurement technology, computer or related major.Obey company arrangement, and actively complete the company task.

      Electronic welding assembly division: industrial automation, instrumentation, mechanical and electrical integration, measurement technology, computer and other related specialty, teamwork spirit, positive enterprising, good at learning, thinking agile, can read circuit diagram, has the work experience is preferred.

      Product development specialist: 1, familiar with all kinds of welding material and its corresponding requirement for welding equipment, and use skillfully;2, aggressive, high degree of dedication and sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.

      Department manager: relevant workers, familiar with the temperature measuring equipment, love products sales work, bears hardships and stands hard work, actively develop new customers resources.

      Salary: basic salary + commission + bonus + attendance bonus bonus + company + performance bonus + department special reward (for outstanding contributors)

      Holiday arrangement: 5.5 days a week, paid leave all day on Sunday on Saturday afternoon, enjoy the national legal holiday rest, two times a year (3 days) nonlocal tourist resort.